We are Aurora Initiative

Boutique Consultancy to Offer IT and Marketing Based Solutions
For Iranian Tourism Destination and Businesses

Our Journey

In early 2016, As Seasoned IT Experts, Marketing Avid Travelers, we were profoundly urged to impact "Iranian Tourism Scene" with our abilities.
Our ten month study took us to three substantial areas we could tackle: Destination Marketing, Digital Travel Distribution and Sustainable Community Building.

Tune in for our soon to be launched "TRAVEL DISTRIBUTION" that aims to connect the Iranian Travel Market to the global avid explorers.

Core Competencies

Destination Marketing

Areas we deemed substantially essential for Iran's Tourism Growth but overlooked. We set ourselves to research and implement state of the art Destination Marketing Strategies in the Digital Landscape for Iranian Destinations.

Digital Infrastructure

Our cloud-based multi-tenant platform empowers destinations and large-scale businesses to operate variety of services through a single robust origin.

Brand Identity

Destinations need to appeal to tourists and investors, systematically! A coeherent identity rooted in the destination is what makes it unique

Web Development

Satisfying various needs of destinations on the world wide web ecosystem, on multiple ends. Be it a robust B2B Supply and Demand Network or a stunningly crafty and convenient official website for tourists to interact with.

Mobile Apps

Destinations and tourism businesses need to be in their customers' pockets, conveniently. Otherwise they would lose the competition to other ones that may not be as viable!


Notable initiatives and marketing campaigns travel fast in the online world. Leverage it to attract exponentially.


Set the right tone and the best way for your customers and partners to interact with you. And give them satisfying responses.


Community of Iranian Tourism Entrepreneurs

Developed countries and economic sectors have proven the importance of synergetic endeavors in a "community". We did not see that any different by desiring Iranian Tourism to thrive without a community!

1st Event

Hosting entrepreneurs, economic and political figures to emphasize on "Community Building".

Yellow Wall

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Tehran 2nd

Emphasis on where the Digital Tools is taking the Travel Industry

Kerman 2nd

Recap on most important remarks of Kerman Tourism Scene in the summer

3rd Event - Religous Tourism

Emphasis on the Religous Tourism, in which Iran has a great potential

4th Event - Health Tourism

With "Health Tourism" agenda, with a hospital manager and wellness center owner as speakers and panelists.


We are consulting enthusiasts!

What we love the most is to be contacted with development-mindset destinations and businesses to work on new ideas and challenges to further empower, digitalize and monetize destinations' products and experiences!